• Chandler Farnsworth

5 quick & easy hiking snacks

Having a go-to snack on a hike can make the difference of turning back or continuing the journey. Keep these 5 quick snacks in mind for the next time you're out on a trail!

1- Trail Mix

You can't have trail mix without a trail amirite? Grab your favorite mixture of nuts, dried fruits, and slight sweets for an on-the-go pick me up. 21 recipes here.

2- Beef Jerky

High in protein, this snack will keep you full and going without having to make a pitstop.

3- Peanut butter (or any other kind of nut butter) & sliced fruit

High in fats, protein and calories, this quick snack mixed with sliced fruit will keep you energized through out your walk.

4- Granola mix

Trail mix twin. Switch out those nuts for granola and pair it with your choice of fresh fruit. Boom, you have an easy to access munchie that's calorie dense, and rich in protein and fiber.

Homemade recipe here.

5- Energy bars

Energy bars contain lots of fuel in a small package. There are easy recipes that you can use on your next trip out and that won't break the bank!

Homemade recipes here.

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