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4 of the most common fishing knots

Updated: May 1, 2020

Knowing your knots is an essential part of fishing. The last thing you want is to have something on your hook only to lose it to a lousy knot tie. These 4 knots are regarded as the most common, readily easy, and strongest.

Palomar Knot-

1. Hold 6 inches of line and pass through the eye of the hook

2. Tie a overhand knot in the doubled line, letting the hook hang loose. (Avoid twisting the lines)

3. Pull the end of the loop down, pass it completely over the hook.

4. Pull both ends of the line to tighten up the knot. Trim what's left.

Improved Clinch Knot-

1. Pass end of the line through the eye of the hook.

2. Put about 6 inches of line through and wrap it back against itself. Twist five to seven times.

3. Pass the end of the line through the small loop above the eye, then through the big loop that was just created. Be careful that the coils don’t overlap.

4. Pull end and main line so that coiled line tightens against the eye. Trim what's left.

Trilene Knot- A stronger version of the Improved Clinch Knot.

1. Run the end of the line through the hook eye twice, forming a small loop

2. Pinch the loop between thumb and forefinger and hold in place, then wrap the end of the line around the standing line at least five times, pass the end back through the loop

3. draw tight

Eugene Bend Knot-

1. Pass the end of the line through the hook eye and form a long loop

2. Wrap the loop around the standing line four times

3. Run the end through the loop

4. Draw tight

That's all for this post, see you next time and good luck fishin'!

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